Medan Merdeka Square is the ideal place to raise the national values of the community of North Sumatra in order to become a high bernasionalitas society. Because of the children and adults often take advantage of spare time there. IAI (Indonesian Architecture bonds) carry Revitalization Planning Design Ideas Competition Region Medan Merdeka Square.
PT. BKM participated in this case gives design ideas. The concept is applied is a Linkage Theory (Link) who see the city as a system or network connection. Line as a link formed by a network of roads, pedestrian paths, a linear open space and so on.

The contest is subjected in Rumah Baileo, Maluku Tengah. Named Baileo Siwa Lima because it’s functioned as a place to gather Masori people and central Maluku in global as a part of Pamahununusa.

The design concept is to create a staged shape building (Pata Siwa). The Sofi-sofi part consisted by 4 layers, where the 1st and 2nd engraved with chicken pattern for ornaments. This layer also used for air circulation . And for the entrance (North & South) applied an ornaments with 2 chicken faced each other on the building sides

BKM (Lialison PT. BEE) participated in Masterplan Design Competition to re-organized Mataram City, located at West Nusa Tenggara Province.

Design concept was implemented by planning of boundaries and land used, planning of sustainable water resources management and supply, and planning of transportation and infrastructure.

The design contest is to develop the area a city in Kabupaten Pohuwato, Gorontalo Province. The concept is to create a vast, autonomous and harmonic city with religous fundaments.

BKM won the best design in the project provision of the preparation Clean Water Installation, by the Indonesian Ministry of Public Works. The facility design will be applicated in whole Indonesia.

The concept and design approach is "Green Water Treatment Plant Process Module with Green Bio + Green Design", to create a science facility (Water Treatment Plant) and it’s supporting buildings that are environmental friendly, good natural environment, social, and economic.