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AMDAL Study and Approval Process of Adaro Envirocoal Upgrade Production to 80 MTPA

PT Adaro Indonesia is a coal mining company operating in the area of Tutupan. This area is under the administrative jurisdiction of the Regency of Tabalong and Regency of Balangan, Province of South Kalimantan. The mines’s infrastructure was located in the Regency of Balangan and Regency of Tabalong, Province of South Kalimantan, as well as in the Regency of Barito Timur and Regency of Barito Selatan, Province of Central Kalimantan. Given the increasing demands from both domestic and overseas markets for PT Adaro’s coal, which is better known as envirocoal, PT Adaro Indonesia proposed to upgrade the coal production of their mine in Tutupan, as well as developed coal mines at Paringin and Wara, to provide a combined annual coal production of 80 MTPA.
The scope of this AMDAL study covered:

  • Preparation of Pre AMDAL Study
  • Undertake the Public Announcement and Public Consultation
  • Preparation of AMDAL Terms of Reference and approval
  • Preparation of ANDAL, RKL and RPL

The AMDAL documents have been approved and the Environmental Permit has been issued.