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Site Selection and Integrity Assessment for Sanggar Sarana Baja Workshops

This site selection and integrity study aims at finding the suitable new site for integrating an co-locating the two workshops, based on the need assessment of SSB’s requirements and integration strategy that would respond effectively to the future demand expansion and improvement of working environment in the context of investment efficiency and effectiveness towards lean production. This study proceed in the context of a combination of consultation approach with SSB’s management in defining strategic requirement for integration and flexibility for accommodating future needs, and a rational approach in selecting the suitable land to accommodate those requirements.

Site integrity surveys and study was conducted in parallel to the above process, are based on rationally developed criteria in terms general planning, infrastructure availability, accessibility for logistic and product transportation as well as to employees residing locations.

Scope of work:

  • Land Price as one of the important cost component in selecting the candidate locations. Another important consideration embedded in land price is the cost to develop the land, i.e. the proximity and availability of infrastructure such as land status, access road, municipal water supply, power supply grid, drainage, site elevation relative to flood level.
  • Access road and trajectories to Tanjung Priok Port, considering traffic condition, time travel and road capacity to transport product with maximum width and height 4.5 and 4.5 sqm, length of 12 m, and weight of 100 tones.
  • The momentum of relocation will take the expiration of land lease contract of the TED workshop as milestone, while phasing of the relocation of SFED workshop would still be possible, since the SFED land is owned by SSB. In this scenario case the accessibility of the new location to the SFED workshop will be considered as one of the criteria for site selection.
  • For quite long SSB employees in the two workshops have been settling in the relatively reachable locations to the work place as well as to the activities of the member of the family. In this case the attachment of the member of the family may have been very strong so that the alternative for relocating the workshop to the new location may have to consider the perception of the employee. The assessment of the employee perception and sensitivity of the proximity of the new location to their residence have to be taken as an important decision to be considered in the site selection.
  • The relocation of personnel residence is the last resort to be taken, so that the assessment regarding ease of transport from the proposed location to the employee residence location has to be conducted.
  • Because of the production process has components of flammable process then the assessment shall include the safety of the new locations from possible disturbance of the surrounding environment.