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Construction Management Consultant Of Production Development Infrastructure Project PTBA Lot 2 At Tanjung Enim, South Sumatera

In reference to the plan to increase the coal production from minings around Tanjung Enim, PT Bukit Asam (PTBA) needs to boost up its coal handling facility capacity in Tanjung Enim to 25 tons per annum.

BITA has been assigned to assist PTBA in carrying out construction management services for PTBA infrastructure development project, which covering :

  • Phase-2 MTBU Coal Handling & Overland Conveyor MTB Facility Development Work
  • Coal Handling Facility Development Work of West Banko
  • Rail Loop TLS-1 & TLS-2 Bridge Development Work

The service of Construction Management Consultant, covers the followings:

  • Manage contract administrative matters (in Bahasa lndonesia and English) and, control of schedule and cost.
  • Detail Services of Contract Administation works.
  • Detail Services of Project Control Works, covering schedule, cost and quality.
  • To perform the Quality Assurance covering Structure/Civil/Land/Material works, Electrical/Control System/Material works, Mechanical/Fabrication/Material works, Measurement work and Technical data/document control in relation with all works performed by the Contractor, Consultant & Owner.
  • Detail Services of Engineering Works : Reviews and evaluates design submitted by the Contractor, Reviews and recommends the format and method of commissioning test, etc.
  • Construction Supervision.