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EPCM For MM2100 Waste Water Treatment Plant

Marubeni Corporation and its partner, PT Megalopolis Manunggal Industrial Development (MMID), are expanding a high end office an industrial park in Jakarta, Indonesia. MMID invited Organica Technologies Inc (Organica), to design new Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) with a new technology in the form of an attractive botanical garden-like structure which is completely odourless in its operation. Organica provides all their design as detailed design, while for the buildings and others which are not connected with their system as basic design.


Detailed Engineering Design Services

MMID appointed PT BITA Enarcon Engineering (BITA) to provide detailed design for Civil, Architecture, Structure, Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical, consisting of drawings and calculation reports, detailed specification, and BoQ, based on the approved basic design prepared by Organica. Beside that, BITA acted as a coordinator between the Client and Organica to the candidate of contractors, and was involved in the construction tender process to determine the selected Contractor.


Construction Management Services

BITA also to provide Construction Management Services with details as follows:

  • Review Engineering Design (Shop & As-built drawings prepared by Contractor)
  • Contract Administration and Control
  • Construction Supervision

The overall objective of this services is to provide technical and management assistance during the construction. The main tasks include providing design clarification, providing design adjustment to accommodate actual site conditions, reviewing Design modification proposed by others related to the design integrity and intention, and attending coordination meeting with the Contractor (maximum in bi-weekly period) during construction phase.