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Teaching Hospital of Gadjah Mada University Sleman Yogyakarta

Academic Hospital is a hospital that is continuously carrying out education, research and service and is used for the learning process and non-medical personnel required by medical hospital. The concept of UGM Academic Hospital is a General Hospital which was built on a total area of 44,637 sqm, with a capacity approximately for 100 beds with a clinic for 12 specialist, and diagnostic support tools to support the international-class service. And for the next stage, it will be developed with sub-specialist services and the addition of beds according to the needs.

The scope of services provided by BITA including Preparation of Master plan, Conceptual Design, Preparation of Preliminary Design, Preparation of Development Design, Preparation of Detail Design, Tender Preparation, Assisting during Tender Process and conduct Periodical Supervision during Construction Phase.