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Sayembara Kampung Sindangbarang Development, Desa Pasir Eurih as Cultural and Tourism Village

BKM is honored as the best design in the contest of Desa Lestari. The village for the subject is Desa Pasir Eurih, which is inside the Kampung Budaya Sindang Barang, Kecamatan Tamansari, Kabupaten Bogor.

Sindang Barang is the unique region because it has looping pattern which is connected to each of it’s elements. At first glance, we will see a solid villages with the pathway as it’s connector. The villages has it’s main village, Kampung Adat Sindang Barang which is Sundaneese village.

Sadly, this unique point hasn’t arranged well, even it is start to vanish. This caused by the presence of the disarranged housing patterns, reduced green space (ricefields and farm). So it needs to integrate and sustainly handled.

The developed method for the design approach is to maintaining natural resources adjusted to provided space of tourism area, concerning the objects and attraction and physical support of the tourism area. This method then elaborated with Cultural Landscape